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JOEST test center with all test requirements

Conducting efficient and safe testing, producing accurate test results

Joest’s engineers and test centre technicians are skilled at conducting accurate and safe testing, yielding reliable test results and recommendations.

There is no substitute for Joest’s 60-plus years’ experience in designing and building vibratory equipment for the world’s most demanding applications and stringent customer specifications.  However, practical testing using the latest equipment and measuring devices can also be helpful in augmenting our experience.  The results validate the performance of new equipment, applications and materials, reinforcing customer confidence.

Testing of thermal engineering applications is particularly important. Various types of processing equipment can be used, along with accurate weighing and moisture-measurement devices, to verify that results meet our customers’ high demands.

Special screens are available for screening a wide variety of bulk materials, such as ASR, zorba, waste, minerals, aggregate, granulate and other materials. They can be set up with different oscillation parameters, depending on the material being screened.

We welcome your involvement in the testing process and results analysis.  Feel free to send us samples, as well as visiting one of our test centres.

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