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JOEST solutions for the chemical and food industries

Highest quality standards and customized processing engineering

Just as coffee beans are different to fertilizers, and both are different to plastic pellets, so are the solutions for optimizing their processing.  These industries have complex and demanding processes that require the highest quality machine designs. Exactly like those made by  JOEST.  Each of our machines are tailored to meet the specific needs of its application, to ensure high performance and reliability. 

First-class quality, safety at work and impeccable reliability, are very important to our customers.  JOEST’s vibrating machines made of stainless steel and resistant materials, are the best choice for these process engineering tasks.  Our wide range of products for bulk processing in the chemical and food industries include vibrating conveyors, spiral elevators, screens and vibrating fluidized beds, to provide innovative technologies for conveying, screening and thermal processing.

first class quality

safety at work

full reliability

Typical Solutions

Innovative technologies for conveying, screening and thermal processing

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