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Vibration and Air Separation Technology based on JOEST Proprietary Drives from Germany, Made in South Africa

Designing and manufacturing vibratory equipment since 1919

Formed in 2012, JOEST Vibrating Systems has expanded to include global design, manufacturing, sales and a support presence from all over the world.   With over 95 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to meet our customers’ demands. We offer reliable, proven solutions and possess the creativity that’s needed to develop new, innovative approaches to the challenges we meet along our path.

JOEST Vibrating Systems prides itself in manufacturing of vibratory equipment for screening, feeding, conveying, sorting and thermal processing. We also lead the way worldwide when it comes to the lifting and tipping of bulk materials used in most industries around the globe.

With our highly motivated staff, we offer outstanding quality, reliability and effective service worldwide, in order to provide the best solution for our customers.

Dr. jur. Hans Moormann (Managing Partner, JOEST group)

One Group. One Team. Worldwide.

Our technology travels around the globe

In Germany, as well as in our international markets, we always ensure that you’ll find a competent contact in your local area. For this reason, JOEST employees are constantly on the go, familiarising our subsidiaries and licensees with our latest state-of-the-art technology. Our large team of competent sales partners also guarantees constant contact with our markets.

Your Applications, Our Technology

The optimal combination of vibrating machines and drives

By supplying an optimal combination of vibrating machines and drives, manufactured within our own facilities, we are able to provide industry-proven solutions. Ongoing research and development enables JOEST both to meet the increasing demands of the market, as well as to remain a step ahead of the pack.

Vibration Technology
Test Center
Drive Technology
Lifting and Tipping Technology
Thermal Processing
Weighing Technology
Sorting Technology
Service Support

Industry Specialists across the Board

We build equipment for the handling of pretty much every type of bulk material

In order for you to be sure that they’re familiar with your product and processes, we’ve grouped our technical salespeople and designers into the following industry expertise groups:

We are aiming at strengthening and expanding our market position and showing our strong presence in the world market.

Dr. Marcus Wirtz (Managing Director, JOEST group)


Always a step ahead of the pack

Dr. Hans Moormann (Managing Partner) oversees all finance matters, human resources, the purchasing department and production and is supported by Dr. Marcus Wirtz (Managing Director), who takes care of all sales and engineering matters.

Both gentlemen, collectively, ensure the adequate support for our subsidiaries and develop the strategy of the group company as a whole. Their efforts are fully supported by the members of the Board.


Fair and honest treatment, open and effective communication

It is our utmost prerogative to treat our employees, customers, partners, as well as our competitors fairly and honestly and to promote open and effective communication. Our customers are satisfied by our excellent quality, reliability, flexibility and by our in-depth understanding of their business.

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