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JOEST solutions for the scrap, recycling and waste energy industries

Highest quality standards and customized processing engineering

When it comes optimizing the recovery of resources, there is no limit to the design imagination and innovative solutions offered by JOEST.  These solutions include a broad spectrum of sorting, separating, screening, feeding and conveying equipment. Each one is tailored to its specific application.

JOEST is constantly rethinking traditional equipment to address common issues, such as eliminating the air-locks on zig-zag separators.  We constantly develop new products; one example is the K-Sifter, combining multiple tasks into one piece of equipment, which increases efficiency, while reducing the costs and carbon footprint. Our cost-effective Oscilla Flip Flow Screen with unique leaf springs, instead of buffers, delivers consistently high performance at all temperatures, without seasonal change-overs.  JOEST’s vibratory conveyors eliminate the high cost of purchasing and maintaining rocker arm assemblies, by using simple, reliable leaf springs.

Pre-classifying & sorting

Separation & screening

Conveying & dosing

Typical Solutions

Scrap, Recycling & Waste-to-Energy

Household Waste
Industrial Waste
Construction Waste
Tires Recycling
Electronic Scrap

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